A passage to India

A book by E.M. Forster This book was first published in June 1924. Forster himself was in his early fourties when he finished writing it. He was an experienced traveller and visited India at least twice. For non native english speakers, this is not an easy book to read with lots of specific words and … More A passage to India

Cycling for Beginners #2: Hybrid Bikes 2017

Cannondale’s Fitness Models Cannondale offers a wide array of Bicycles. For Beginners, the Fitness Category might be interesting. This is the one that I recommend looking into, if you want to improve your fitness, enjoy your freetime or get the wheels turning while commuting. You can get a fast moving Bicycle for paved roads and … More Cycling for Beginners #2: Hybrid Bikes 2017


source of picture: http://www.lowcountrylandtrust.org/   What’s odd? Sometimes there is this feeling of confusion. Confusion about a situation, about ourselves, others or things. Isn’t this odd? Am I odd? Is it odd? What is odd? Maybe we are odd or maybe everyone and everything else is odd? Or maybe everything is odd in some ways. … More Odd

post- workout food

Salad for 1 Person 1/2 an Iceberg Salad 1/2 a Green or other Salad you like 1/2 a Tofu or half a Chickenbreast or similar 2 Carrots 🥕 1/3 Cucumber 🥒 1/2 a bunch of Parsley 1/2 a bundle of chives or a bit of onion Sauce: Pour some olive oil, vinegar and a littlebit … More post- workout food

Good or Bad

Good or Bad: Is that it? Do we believe that there is more than just good and bad? Maybe good and bad each have various shades. Just like there are not only the colors black and white but many different kinds of colors. (Well some people do not consider black and white colors, but lets … More Good or Bad

About Love

I don’t know about you but I cannot stand it any more. Every day I’m waking up to some carnage of hate, some violation of innocence, some manipulation of truth. And I just can’t stand it any more. I can’t just hide out in my own little life any more. Because eventually it will come […] … More About Love

Be yourself

Quote Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. This irish writer was born in 1854 and died in 1900 in the 3rd french republic and lived during the victorian time. Even though he was married and had two kids, he was gay. At this time, being gay was a crime. So he had … More Be yourself