Strand_ (2)
Source or picture: are you doing during summer?

What are you doing during the summer?

Some go on vacation- Some stay at home -Most have to work -Some don’t work – some study more-…

Every once in a while I believe it to be nice to get a nice holiday to really relaxe and not think about work. It does not always have to be a 10h flight to bring you some place nice. I believe that if we do our research that we can find beautiful places within the country or close by.

There are many Islands (Carrebean, Vancouver-Island, PEI, Channel Islands National Park, Farallon Islands, Graham Island a bit further up north, Canary Islands in Spain, Islands by the tyrrhenic ocean near Italy). Some of them are reachable by Ferry (so you can take your car with you). This can be a benefit if there are Islands nearby you.

I have got nothing against holidays by airplane. I just dont think it is always necessary to go that far, since it mostly means to put more work and thought in.

Even if you don’t have any vacation this summer, it is still great to do something after work or studies. There are Swimming and Wellness Facilities with uncovered areas to relax, swim and enjoy the sun. That can still feel like a little holiday. All in all: The little efforts matter and can make a huge difference in everyday life even with no particular holiday.

I wish you all a good time and hope you can enjoy the summer.



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