source of picture: http://www.lowcountrylandtrust.org/


What’s odd?

Sometimes there is this feeling of confusion. Confusion about a situation, about ourselves, others or things. Isn’t this odd? Am I odd? Is it odd? What is odd?

Maybe we are odd or maybe everyone and everything else is odd? Or maybe everything is odd in some ways. Maybe odd just means that we do not understand it completely? Maybe if we would change the angle and way we look at “it”, we wouldn’t find “him/her/it..” so odd.


Looking “Odd” up in the dictionary, there shows up a description that says that something that is odd is differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected.

So lets see.. istn’t it every day that something unexpected happens or someone makes a decision that is unusual?

Is it normal to cut the queue? One person might be offendet by someone else who cuts in line. Another person might not mind it and just think that it wouldn’t  really matter or would not even registrate that someone else is cutting the line. Looking at this, isn’t it very individual what we believe to be normal and what not? So when “normal” is an individual thing to decide, how can there be an “odd” (=abnormal/un- normal)? Maybe odd needs an individual categorization as well…

..or we could give up and not categorize things/people into “drawers” of normal and abnormal. Wouldn’t that make it easier every day? Without judging we can still have an opinion on things or go to vote for or against something. But we wouldn’t need to see everyone who votes differently as abnormal or odd.

… if odd is an individual definition, then aren’t we all odd? at least to others..?



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