post- workout food


Salad for 1 Person

1/2 an Iceberg Salad

1/2 a Green or other Salad you like

1/2 a Tofu or half a Chickenbreast or similar

2 Carrots 🥕

1/3 Cucumber 🥒

1/2 a bunch of Parsley

1/2 a bundle of chives or a bit of onion

Sauce: Pour some olive oil, vinegar and a littlebit of salt on top. (Use other kinds of oil/vinegar.. if you like others better).

Calories: unknown

This is just a suggestion for a lighter post- workout meal. You may need more or less of the ingredients in particular or additional ones. E.g. add potatoe-/sweetpotatoeslices for carbs. More Options: Add Pomegranade, Cranberries, 🥑 Avocado, Feta- Cheese……. .


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