Cycling for Beginners #1


Here are a few hints and tips for Beginners

I used to do roadcycling and mountainbiking and pretty much grew up with it. But over the years, I started getting lazier and my focus shiftet to other things like work, family, friends and so on. Life offers soo much…we probably can’t do everything.

After gaining some weight (still a slimmy according to my friends, but you still feel it whatever weight you “started” with), I decided to start moving a littlebit again. So I decided to do Cycling. It feels easy to do for me, because I feel the excitement of going fast (compared to walking) without too much work.

But where should I start? I did not feel like roadcycling, since I did not have the physical strength to keep that crazy position on my bike for too long. But I also did not want to do mountainbiking at that point eighter. So I came up with the idea of a so called “Hybrid Bike

Hybrid Bike

This is a term for Bicycles that are between a roadbike and a mountainbike. They are great for general-porpose riding and are suitable for various undergrounds. It is your allrounder.

They usually have a straight flat handlebar just like you find on mountainbikes (rather than a drop bar (road bikes)). So therefore you have the comfort of breaking and shifting gears without having to bend too much. A lot of Hybrid Bikes are used for commuting since they can go fast, but are still very comfortable.

But not only are they great for commuting. I really like that you don’t have to work so hard in order to go a bit faster (mostly easier than with mountainbikes). Therefore I think it is a great option for many beginners. There are also frames with a lower upper tube that allow you an easier entry for the leg.

click here to find out more about Hybrid Bikes

Find a Hybrid Bike

Take it easy at the beginning

Keep in mind that any speed is ok. No matter if you are already riding the bike or you are just getting on it to start riding. Make sure you feel well going on the speed you do, because you do it for yourself, noone else.

Try to find a speed at which you can still talk you a friend. That helps to keep in mind to not overdoing it at the beginning. It can be fruitful to have some positive, good feelings at first, because that might make you want to go for a ride a bit more often, or just makes it easier and lighter.

What to take with:

  • You might want to have a bottle holder installed, so you can stay hydrated (about 1l/h)
  • Helmets are not always the most comfortable, but they protect! Get one that is comfortable & protects:-).
  • A bell might be useful if you ride somewhere with a bit of traffic or pedestrians and or so.
  • Maybe a snack
  • Maybe your phone, just in case

First ride

I recommend to not rush into it. My first time back cycling was on a weekend with a friend. We only rode our bikes for 30minutes… I know.. for every serious Cyclist this sounds weakish.. but at the beginning the idea is to keep the fun in it so you actually like to do it and you are not hurting too much at the end.

Twice a week 30 min. is enough to start with. If you can’t do 30 min. just go for as long as you can (on a well managable speed).  After your body gets used to it try to go for 40min. at a time. When you start to feel that the 40min. become easy, start to go 45min.

Those recommendations here may not apply to everybody. Before you start any sport, please consultate a medical phycian just to be save. Everything that is written here are only recommendations. This website is not intended to provide& does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The content on Life is worth it is designed to help, not replace medical or psychiatric or any other kind of treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have an illness or condition.

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