Letting go in 7 steps

Letting go by letting go of objects

Do you know the feeling of having too much stuff to a degree that you don’t feel comfortable anymore? Or maybe not quite as bad. Would it feel right to let go of a few “stones” and “lighten” up a little? Well, I guess most of us know those FEELINGS. Some might get quite attached to (an) object(s), that we forget we don’t really need them to continue our journeys and looking forward. Others “travel” light and seem to have it all figured out moving forward.

However, there are 7 steps one could follow through in order to change, feel lighter and to let go of past issues/ tissues/ stuff.maxresdefault

Source of Picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFCIP9YXwx0

1.) Divide your objects into 3 Categories

As a first step, you can decide what things you want to keep (the things you are sure you want to keep!), which one’s you’d sleep on and decide 1 week later (close the box/bag..and forget it for 1 week, then reasess new) if you want to throw them out. The third Category is the one for “garbage” meaning anything that is old, that you have not used during the last year and that you have negative feelings about or reminders of past situations.

So the 3 Categories are:

  • Keep (for sure)
  • Sleep on (give it a week to reasess)
  • Throw out / garbage (Negativity, past, not used)

2.) Get help from a friend if needed

If you need some extra encouragement and help, call up a friend. Together it always seems easier, plus your friend probably has a bit of a more objective view on the objects you know for longer.

3.) Working in short timeblocks

Taking breaks is important. So it is one strategy to create a plan before you start working. Like that you know when to stop. This can make emotionally difficult “waves” easier and can keep your head clear.

4.) Pictures

Taking a picture of a loved object can help coping with a “loss” before you throw it out. It is still there, at least the picture is. It is of course not the same as the real object, but it gives you options. You can add the pic in a photobook that you keep, so you don’t loose it fully.

5.) Keep only the best Stuff

If we think about it for too long, we might get into that spiral of pity and so on, where we’d never get rid of it. But if we decide with a clear head and don’t go back to previous decisions, we are more likely to just toss it ou. So only keep the good stuff that you really want to keep and get rid of the rest. The objects in the “sleep on it” – Category are mostly the hardest to decide what to do with them. Only keep the best one’s and throw the others away.

6.) Rearrange things

The things you are keeping can be rearranged. It can make us feel as if we live in a new place in a new house and has something exciting to it.

7.) Keep it going with the Clearing

Things you once were attached to don’t have to stay there, just because they had been cherished by you once upon a time. We can allow ourselves to grow and leave old things behind that we do not cherish anymore. Moving on is important and can be freeing. So trust yourself, be brave and do it:-).


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