Cool down with Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt with Applesugar

Bildquelle aus Buch: Engels, N. Frozen Yogurt&Co. Die besten Eis-Trends zum Geniessen. Naumann&Göbel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH: Köln. Fotos TLC Fotostudio.

Ingredients for 4-6 Portions

For the Ice

600g greek Yoghurt (10%)
100g Brown Sugar
100ml low-fat Cream
2 Eggwhites
1 sprinkle Salt

For the Applesugar

80g Brown Sugar
25ml low-fat Cream
1 sprinkle Salt
80g Applechips


Step 1

Mix greek Yoghurt with the Sugar until foamy, at least until the sugarcristals dissolved. Stir the Cream until stiff. Mix the Eggwhites with the Salt and add the rest of the Sugar and stir until stiff. Put both into the Yoghurt mass. Put the Mixture into the Icecream- Machine and let it freeze creamy for about 30 minutes.

Step 2

For the Applesugar: Stir the Sugar with the Cream and the Salt boil while stiring until a goldyellow Caramel is built. Then put it on a bakingpaper, let it get cold and hard. Break the mass into pieces and break it with the Applechips in a Shredder.

Step 3

To serve: let the Frozen Yoghurt “uncool” for a bit, it eventually needs a little mixing again and put it into a Spray bag. “Spray” it in a decorative way onto the Forms or Glasses and put Applesugar on to them. The rest of the Applesugar can be served aside for individual Sweetness- tastes.



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