Homemade Swiss “Zopf”

Ingredients and Process

500g flour  put in a bowl

1.5 coffeespoon Salt

1 coffeespoon Sugar  put both in the bowl

60g soft butter or substitute add and cut

15g yeast

3dl Milk 

Dissolve yeast, stir flour with the fluid-part and knead/kneten the dough until it s smooth and soft.

Cover the dough and leave it with room temperature until it reaches twice the size.

Form two equally long strings that are a bit thicker in the middlepart.

Weave/ braid the plait and put it on a prepared backing- sheet.

1 Egg spread the egg (with a brush or so) twice over the “Zopf” and put it in the COLD oven. Backe it on the bottom part of the oven on 220 deg. Celsius for 35-45 min.

When you knock the “Zopf” onto the bottom part of it,  it should sound empty- then it is done


Quelle Bild: Affolter, U. et.al.(1999): Tiptopf. In Interkantonale Lehrmittelzentrale (Hrsg.),  Tiptopf, mit “essen und trinken“, (S.236). Bern: Berner Lehrmittel- und Medienverlag.

What is Zopf?:

click here to see what Zopf is


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