Great Day Cream from #Avène

A multitalented #cream

As the days become longer, our skin is likely to be exposed to more sunshine again. Therefore it seems important to protect ourselves.

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For people with sensitive skin that easily gets irritated and red, this Day Cream called Avène Antirougeurs Jour Creme 40ml is great. It has a SPF 20 Sunsprotection included. The UV-Protection prevents you from getting more red vessels. Its extract of Ruscus supports the vessels, is anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory. It does not contain parabenes.

Avène Antirougeurs Jour Creme (Day Cream)

Take a look at Avènes Website to learn more about their products and the Antirougeurs Line.

This cream is available in Online-Stores for about $ 42 in the United States and CAN$ 35 in Canada, for CHF 30-32 in Switzerland and 16-17 Euros in the EU.  In the UK you can get it for around  £16-17.

cShopbot- Canadian Store

Top Brands for Less Store US

Adler Shop CH

Zur Rose Shop EU



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