Love for Coffee

Coffee Coffee Coffee…

…Who loves a good Coffee in the Morning?

I like the scent of Coffee – I like the taste of Coffee- I like the effect of Coffee.

What is it with Coffee? Why are so many of us drinking Coffee? Is it too hard to get up with no Coffee in the Morning, or do we just think that it is? Does it become a habit, or are we addicted to Coffein?

Anyways, it might not matter so much. It is a beverage that many people drink. Some even have a Goldmember- Card from Starbucks, some barely ever drink Coffee.

For those who don`t want to run to Starbucks every morning, a Nespresso Machine might be an option. For Example TurMix is a Producer that offers good Machines for fair prices. There are now not only the original Capsules available, but also some alternative ones like Café Royal.


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