Discover: Tropical Palm Trees In A Plant Pot II

Originally posted on Pete Hillman's Nature Photography:
Following on from a previous blog, these female reproductive structures of the Common Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha subsp ruderalis) are now showing the white cotton candy-like sporophytes beneath the umbrella-like archegonial heads. These are the spore capsules which when released may germinate into new plants. And all this…

Discover- an ocean

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by Charlotte Covey you will never be just a poem. you will be rocks breaking ribs, angelfish kissing wounds. you will be bouquets of seaweed & jagged shells tearing skin, seeking soul. you will be light in the trench, sandy floor tempting toes, fins for finding home. you will…


“Sean knows me, recognizes these lows after 18 years together, and has mastered worrying from a gentle distance.” When Amanda feels herself sliding, she trusts those closest to her to shepherd her toward the sunshine. via Start New — Discover

A visit to Guelph

A University City in Canada During a vacation in the Toronto Area, a visit to Guelph might be worth it. This City has the charm and friendlyness of a smaller town, with cute little cafes and restaurant along the main roads, and several points of interest. Only 100km southwest of Toronto this makes a good … More A visit to Guelph

A passage to India

A book by E.M. Forster This book was first published in June 1924. Forster himself was in his early fourties when he finished writing it. He was an experienced traveller and visited India at least twice. For non native english speakers, this is not an easy book to read with lots of specific words and … More A passage to India

Cycling for Beginners #2: Hybrid Bikes 2017

Cannondale’s Fitness Models Cannondale offers a wide array of Bicycles. For Beginners, the Fitness Category might be interesting. This is the one that I recommend looking into, if you want to improve your fitness, enjoy your freetime or get the wheels turning while commuting. You can get a fast moving Bicycle for paved roads and … More Cycling for Beginners #2: Hybrid Bikes 2017